The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.) has announced that it has reached an agreement with Black Hills Energy (Denver, Colorado, U.S.) for the utility to restart its solar rebate program.
The agreement is still subject to administrative review and approval by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, and CoSEIA says that it hopes to have the program active again by late May 2011.
“Similar to the Xcel agreement the settlement includes a shift from up-front incentives to a combination of up-front rebates and performance-based incentives, annual caps, and firm and fair program guidelines,” states CoSEIA.
“An application deposit of $250 or more, depending on project size, will be required to prevent queue positions from being tied up.”

Agreement addresses predictability, cash flow issues
Black Hills Energy suspended the program on October 18th, 2010, citing “overwhelming” response and funding issues.
CoSEIA states that the negotiated agreement, which it pursued with project partners, had to allow for predictability and transparency, address program cash flow challenges.

Rebates offered between USD 1/watt and USD 0.20/watt by system size
Incentives have been agreed upon for 2011 and 2012, with the 2012 agreement subject to the approval of Black Hills’ 2012 compliance plan.
Under the new program, customer-owned systems up to 3 kW will be eligible for a USD 1/watt rebate plus a performance-based incentive (PBI), paid over nine years. The program contains several incentive tiers by size, with the largest systems at 60-100 kW receiving USD 0.20/watt rebates and a smaller PBI.

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