Solar Electric systems use photo voltaic solar cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The system can be directly tied to your electric panel (“grid-tie”), or charge a bank of batteries for “off grid” applications, or be designed as “grid-tie with battery backup”. Solar electric or “photo voltaic (PV) systems” offset your electricity usage.


Custom Solar - Grid Tie Photovoltaic Solar Electric System

Net Zero is a term used to describe that one has completely offset their energy usage with renewable energy. It can also be applied to carbon standards in which one’s “carbon footprint” or carbon emissions are offset by their renewable and clean energy systems. Net zero is often a desirable goal that can be used as a starting point in the system design to determine the most appropriate system size and type.

Solar Thermal panels use the sun’s energy to directly heat a working fluid that contributes to your domestic hot water heating, and/or space heating (radiant floor heating) systems using heat exchangers integrated into your plumbing. Solar thermal systems typically offset your natural gas, propane or oil usage.

Solar Domestic Hot Water System

Custom Solar - Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water System Schematic

Radiant Floor Heating System

Custom Solar - Solar Thermal Radiant Floor Heating System Schematic

Custom Solar Installed Solar Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water System

Custom Solar - Solar Domestic Hot Water System